Beautifull Places

It is located 1 km across from Alibag beach. The Great Maratha-warrior Shivaji started the construction of this sea fort in 1680 A.D. The fort is 900 ft. long, 350 ft. wide and has 25 ft. high walls which have 17 bastions (burj) on all sides. The fort has been standing for over 300 years. The fort can only be accessed during ebb tide through a narrow strip of land which goes underwater during high tide. The huge front entrance arch has tigers, peacocks, elephants sculpted on it. Beyond that comes another small gate. Next to that gate are the shrines of Mahishasura and Padmavathi, Kanifnath, Sri Ganesh and the fort-deity. Next to them comes the sourthern gate which is variously known as Darya/Yeshwant Darwaja. Raghoji Angre built a beautiful temple of Shri Ganesh in front of the sweet water tank in 1759.

The trip to Alibaug is incomplete without a visit to Murud Janjira, Situated at a distance of 55 kms. From Resort. The Murud beach is very clean, cool and safe. The Janjira fort is also a must see destination in Murud. The fort is inside the sea and you have to reach there by boat.

The famous Kashid beach is located 18 km from Murud. The specialty of this beach is the beautiful silvery white sand. literally dazzling silvery on this clean beach. It’s a favorite spot for advertising, TV serial and film shoots. The beach is complete with small-food stalls. If you are traveling from Alibag to Murud, the last U-turn in the Ghat section of the road that descends on the Kashid beach is simply mesmerizing’!

Almost identically located is an adjacent beach at Nagaon, 7 kms from Alibag on the same road. You turn right from the Shivaji statue and reach the Saatad beach, just 2 kms away. Here also, you find neatly planted stretch of casuarina trees. The shadow – light play in the cool shade of the plantation is a special experience. This beach has a distinction of straight and broadest clean beach in the whole Taluka of Alibag. You can get good options for lodging, food etc. provided by locals

Three to four kilometers into the sea from Thal beach, which is 5 kms from Alibag, this fort was built in 1678 on a small island. Later, a light house was erected. This fort was for long under the Angre’s control. Today it is under Bombay port trust administration. With their permission, you can visit the fort in local boats.

Just 3/4th of a Kilometer away from Khanderi, this is another island fort built by Siddi Qasam in 1680. Supremacy over this fort kept shifting between the Siddis, Peshwas, Angres and later the British. One can visit this fort with permission from the Bombay port trust. Local fishing boats can be hired for a visit.

Revdanda is 17 kms to the south of Alibag where remnants of huge outer walls of this fort, built by the Portugese in 1558, can be seen. The thick outer walls are hollow from within and these clandestine routes are interconnected. A structure, in dilapidated state today, known as ‘Saat Khani Buruj (bastion) was constructed in 1534. These walls run 5-6 kms in length.

18 kms from Alibag on Alibag Rewas Road, 150 works of art of the famous sculptor Late Mr. Nanasaheb Karmarkar are displayed in his own bunglow. The exhibition is open the whole day, all days of a week and entry fee is Rs.5/- per head. Filming the sculptures on camera is charged Rs. 10/- while video-shooting is charged Rs. 50/-.

13 Kms from Alibag in Northeast direction is this very famous Shiv temple on a 900 ft. high hill. It’s a 5000 ft. long climb on well-paved stairs, which takes around one-hour landmarks along the route are tombs of MohanGiri and Balgiri, Nagoba Rest, Jambhali Plateau, God’s stair, Gaymandi etc. The fatigue of the uphill climb vanishes the moment one enters the scenic temple premises. It comprises various small temples of Sri Paleshwar, Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna, and Lord Shiv.

It is situated 12 km off Alibag to the north. Along Alibag – Rewas Road, you turn left at Chondhi to reach Kihim, a favourite tourist destination. A long stretch of white sand dotted by beautiful farmhouses, clean sea water, and thick vegetation all along the shore make it a loved retreat. In the laid-back, quiet village.

Just five-minute walk from Alibag ST stand, on way to market, is this tomb. The structure has 8 faces and the pillars are exquisitely sculpted. Though in dilapidated state today, it stands in sacred memory of the great Maratha Admiral Kanhoji Angre.